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More than just an Agency

  • The Concept
  • Ethics
  • What to expect from us
  • To create or to repeat?
  • 100% satisfaction

The concept : The first integrated network of real estate professionals

Never before have so many integrated real estate services been put at a client's disposal.
Our agency takes care of bringing the best professionals in their respective domains to you, our client, without passing any extra cost on to you. Each professional in our network has his or her own circle of expertise - our agency brings each of these together to form Les Cercles.

The importance of ethics

We approach our work as we do life - by being fair, respectful of others, and by not betraying our human values.
At Les Cercles, starting to work for someone is the beginning of a valued relationship . We want to satisfy our clients by getting the results they want while also prioritizing the quality of the relationship which is forged in the process. As a consequence, the team members of Les Cercles have been chosen for their professional as well as their human qualities. Before forming Les Cercles our founder, who has a background in human rights law, created a non-profit organization focused on the social rehabilitation of children. He then went on to work for several NGOs before going into business. We fundamentally believe it is possible to manage a commercial activity without betraying an ideal.
For this reason, 5% of the company’s profits each year is donated to charity.

Raising the bar

We believe strongly that a commission is only deserved if the services proposed match what is actually delivered. We believe it is essential to bring a number of different services, competencies and personal investment to each client which choses to work with our agency.
Les Cercles invests significant financial and personal means in the services we deliver to our clients in order to raise the bar for the rest of the real estate industry.

Why repeat when one can create?

When creating Les Cercles, our founder did not want to create just another agency that did the same as all the others. Why repeat what’s already been done when one can create a new concept?
Indeed, we have an ambition to create a new standard for our industry, an ambition shared by FOXTONS when they say:
We embrace change and are constantly challenging tradition because we have a strong desire to improve the way our industry operates.

100% de satisfaction

We are proud to be able to say that 100 percent of our clients, both buyers and sellers, are satisfied with our services.
This is without a doubt because we prioritize what’s truly important: we work for our clients, not for ourselves. A list of our past transactions and clients is available upon request.

A chaque CERCLE son expertise :



In charge of coordinating the movement and alignment of each expert in our network in order to ensure the perfect real estate transaction.


Frédérique BRUGUIÈRE

All property estimates are undertaken by analyzing the “Biens” database - the indisputable property database managed by real estate lawyers. Tried and tested sales strategies are applied. Prior to all visits, the potential buyer's needs, expectations and financial qualifications are assessed. Visits are prepared in order to satisfy everyone’s interests — mastering every detail is critical to ensuring a browser becomes a buyer.



Each offer to buy is validated by our mortgage broker in order to assure the seller that the buyer we present can attain competitive financing. Les Cercles: 100 percent of our clients have obtained the necessary financing to buy.


Gregory SEGAL (France Laboratoire Environnement)

To obtain precise and clear diagnostics as quickly as possible is essential. We highly value being able to rely on someone with the best credentials in his field, and who is available to us at a moment’s notice.



Creativity and advice are key to redecorating your interior before selling.



The realization of 3 dimensional plans allows the potential buyers to see themselves in the new property. The talent of our on-site architect allows us to reinvent real estate interiors for potential buyers. The plans of each property are sent by email to prospective buyers before each visit.

annonces et performances

Fabrice CLIMENCE (Red Hill)

In order for your property ads to be truly visible online, we ensure a good balance is maintained between natural internet references, online ads and presence on social networks. Our digital marketing experts advise on optimizing the visibility of our properties.


Hout KOV

Beautiful photos are the basis of good publicity. With magnificent photos, it's even better. That's why we invest in two professional photographers to do our photos. Discover the talent of Damien and Hout, two professionals with very different styles!


Alexia GASHTI (FDD Patrimoine)

With all the incessant changes in fiscal regulations, it is indispensable to be well advised to optimize the tractions of your property.



Get a personalized insurance contract with a simple phone call. We have the perfect solution for your property and for you as an owner.



We have a notaire on call to advise you, validate your complicated dossiers and organize bills of sales in record time.



An efficient management of a property can save time for our clients as well as give them peace of mind.


Vasile BALIN (Balin Bat)

Two contractors, supported by their teams of salaried (not contracted) employees. For a seller, renovating one’s property before it is put on the market can make all the difference to the sale price. For the buyer, estimating the amount of renovation work to be done of a property is essential before making an offer to buy.


Harry SLAMA (Au 15 du Déménagement)

Our team of rugby fanatics take care of your personal affects. It's reassuring!


Rahim SMAÏL (Mille'Distrib Express)

Distributing printed brochures is good but you also need to be able to access mailboxes. We see too many salespeople in front of the entrances to building hoping that the door will open to enter. Loss of time and efficiency. The company we work with goes everywhere – it's their job.