Our values

Here are the six values that are important to us and represent us best

Ethics and Goodwill

Ethics and goodwill don’t have to be taboo in the world of real estate. We want to work in a fair, respectful way without compromising our intrinsic human values. First and foremost the human connection, working for someone is the start of a relationship. Beyond the importance of getting results for our clients, why not also enjoy rewarding interactions whilst working.

The members of LES CERCLES have not just been chosen for their professional qualities but for their personal ones as well. The founder of the company has a university degree in Human Rights and a Masters in Law. Before throwing himself into the real estate business, he created an association offering aid to children as well as working for a non-profit organisation. It must be possible to earn money without compromising an ideal. It’s also for this reason that since the creation of the agency, at least 5% of the profits are donated to a charitable action or association every year.

Humour and joie de vivre

Jokes are included in our agency fees. Don’t hesitate to ask for a reduction if the humour is not up to scratch!


The search for meaning – we can’t envisage working every day without leaving some kind of footprint. Here’s one of our favourite sayings which sums up our attitude: “we should live each day as if it’s our last; don’t fuss, don’t doze, don’t pretend”.

Be different

Why repeat when we can create? LES CERCLES wasn’t created to add just another estate agency doing the same thing as everyone else. What a lack of ambition and common sense that would have shown! Why bore with repetition when we can surprise with creation?

High standards

Aspire to excellence! We don’t see our profession as an opportunity to relieve people of their money for nothing. A commission is only deserved if the service offered and rendered is justifiable, the minimum is to do better than the owner could do themselves without an agency. We believe that we should offer diverse services, skills and considerable personal investment for every client that selects us. LES CERCLES not only invests financially in your sale but is completely committed at a personal level.


Fred, J and Jboum are certainly beautiful, but we’re not alluding to them here. We all appreciate beautiful things, beautiful interiors, beautiful photos, beautiful colours, beautiful paintings. By the way, that’s exactly why our work space doubles as an art gallery.

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